Sunday, July 5, 2009

All day Friday on the Murtaugh... Word.

Thursday night... Frazer, Ben, and I chow down on some chicken fajitas after a chill day on the upper Snake River. I get a call from fellow Jackson paddler Risto Beatty. This is how the conversation went…

“ Dude wanna run the Murtaugh tomorrow?” Risto asks.

“ What! With who?” I say.

“Kayak club!”

“Hell yea! Sounds sick!!!”

“Be at the shop at seven.”

“ Alright! This is awesome! I can't believe the Murtaugh is gonna run twice in one year! That’s insane!”

“I know, we might not be able to run it again for another four years”

“Ahh! I'm so stoked!!!”

That stoke session continued for another ten minutes or so. Ever since I heard about the mighty Murtaugh I had full intentions of running it one day and that day had come! I spread the word to Frazer and Ben. They are both stoked with the news so we pack down our dinner and go to bed

early morning gas run

I wake to an old car horn. It is my cell phone alarm, which reads 6:00 AM. I grab my keys and head off to Albertsons where I get some food and prepare myself for the hefty drive that awaits. Five hours and one gas tank later, seven fired up kayakers and myself sit at the heart of Star Falls, the last rapid of the Milner Mile and put in for the Murtaugh.

checking out Star Falls on a sunny afternoon

We had strong hopes of running the 25 foot Star Falls but due to the water levels we were shut down like Pedro’s 127 foot world record. So, we quickly run shuttle and put on the river.

The rapids were huge! The big water allowed for some steezy kick flips and huge macho moves. In south western china I have boated the great bend of the Yangtze, the Mekong, and multiple sections of the Salween, all big water class fun runs. But this river was no more than a several hour drive from Jackson and the 13 mile run offered all the big waves, monstrous holes, and giant swirlies one could hope for.

Kayak Club scouting paradise

Jackson Hole Kayak Club Director Dan Abraham is first to fire it off

Risto Beatty dropping

Chillin' on the docks

The day ended on the boat docks directly above Twin Falls Dam. Soon to follow was the late night drive back to Jackson. All in all, it was one SIC DAY!

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