Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chile Update

Here we are a month deep into Chile and it’s been a sick trip to say the least. We started the trip with on the Maipo. It was great week of river running and small play. Off the river I was fortunate enough to take part in a scenic adventure along the banks of the Yeso River, via horseback. The Maipo valley is a beautiful area that I plan on returning to someday.

Me getting ready to go take a ride Photo by ben kinsella

Josh, Olin, and myself taking in the beautiful Chilean scenery
Photo by Ben Kinsella

Next, after a five hour drive in a broken down seventeen passenger van, we arrived at The Rio Claro. The Siete Tazas was every thing I hoped for, a beautiful river with a fun set of waterfalls. For three days we shuffled and hucked ourselves off the seven teacups. At the Claro we were hoping for a possible decent of the Viente Dos section but we were shut down due to the low water levels.

The last drop of Siete Tazas Photo by Conner Jackson

Me boofing the first drop Photo by Ben Kinsella

The Rio Claro made for some great times, but after three days it was time to make our way to Pucon! I can safely say that Pucon is one of my favorite places on this planet. The women, the views, and the rivers share a foreign beauty of which I have never before experienced. Our bread and butter run was the Palguin. The Palguin consists of three super clean small waterfalls, a 65 footer, a hand full of manky rapids, and a fare share of quality class 3-4 rapids. The Palguin stands out as one of the funnest rivers I have ever paddled. Aside from the upper and lower sections of the Palgiun, our group ran the upper and lower Trancura, the Liacura, and the Machine. Off the river we tromped around town and occasionally made our way to the discos. Pucon is a beautiful place that I cannot wait to come back to…

Olin Going Big on the upper

Risto sending it

Capo showing us how it is done in the Nomad

Me Boofing on the lower

Taking out from a great day on the lower

So the past few days we have been rallying down the upper Fuy. It is a classic run with a few quality waterfalls.

Seth running the drop below the falls Photo by Evan Garcia

Me setting up to take a boof on the falls Photo by Candace Sanders

I am loving chile and ready for some more rivers. From the fuy we are going to make the three day journey down to the Futa. It's going to be a long drive...


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  1. It has been a long time since I have seen you on a horse!!

    Happy you are having a good time, and thanks for the great pictures