Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring break Hood River hucking

Three weeks before my arrival in hood river, Todd Wells asked, “ dude you should come out and paddle in hood river over spring break”, when I heard this, I knew, that I was going to do what ever it took to get up to the northwest. Running the little white has always been a dream of mine and I knew that this would be my chance to full-fill it. So 24 hours after returning from a our 2 month trip in Chile I was on my way to hood river for several days of epic kayaking…

Day 1-kicked off with a great day on the Green truss section of the white salmon. The truss was running at relatively high flows with some very chilled water. I was happy to have my dry suit and pogies along with me.

Brendan Wells firing up big brother

All and all it was clean through the quality rapids; Double Drop, Cheese Grater, and Upper and Lower Zig Zag, that it is until I attempted to boof the munchy hole of BZ Falls which ended in me having my only swim of the week, going really deep, and popping up with a big smile on my face.

Todd hitin' a big boof on BZ

Day 2- is when we started firing up some stouts. The Day began with a late morning wake and a grand feast at the Wells’ house.

Beautiful veiw of Mt.Adams from the wells home

From there Todd and I packed our gear, picked Brendan up from a half day of school, and drove away in pursuit of the L Dub. We quickly slipped on our gear and put on the classic strech. Heart pumping out of my chest, we entered Gettin’ Busy and plowed down the steep class five water, with little stopping until, we ramped up and flew off the boulder sloose. We eddied out and took a few laps for a qaulity photo op.

Todd Wells gettin' dirty of the L dub

from there we paddled down a few more miles of white water on arguably the best class five river in the north west, until we reached Spirit falls. The Wells brothers fired it up, bouth of which greased the line.

Brendan Wells sending it

we paddled down and ended the little white with a great vibe, eching for just a little more, so…. We decided to check out money drop. We anxiously stood at the lip of the stouter with a little uncertany due to the low flows. But Todd decided to give’er followed by Brendan and my self.

me tucked up and about to hit the pool

Hood was an awesome time and I am looking foward to returning in may. Now it is off to Cali!
Photos by Eric Parker and Todd Wells

-Eric Parker

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