Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back in Cali

The time has finally come... WCKA West Coast 2010. I have had much anticipation to paddle the beautiful Rivers of California once again. It feels great to be back in the creek boat and getting on some granite goods. Enjoy the photos I have and sorry for the lack of White water photos I have had some technical difficulties with my water shed bag. With that said thanks to Ben Kinsella for some sick kayaking shots.

Messing around with some slow shutter speed shots

Me hitin' a boof in the 420 gorge

A day up in the beautiful Yosemite national park

Josh Larsen with the best hair cut I have ever seen

Seth Stoener going big on out favorite play spot at the merced

Me taking some strokes on Hospital Rock. It was a great section. Its grown to be one of my favorite creek runs I have ever paddled.

seth greasin' the line on Hospital Rock

Getting ravey in the "Man"shin

Having a Good time at the put in

With only one destination left our stay in California is coming to an end. It has been a great trip so far and hoping to return this summer. After the Trinity River, our next kayak destination is the Oregon coast for some surfing. With one-month left of WCKA, my high school career is near the end. I am stoked to be at WCKA for senior year and experience West coast once again.

Photos by Ben Kinsella and Eric Parker

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