Wednesday, May 5, 2010

West coast Winding down...

The frigid Rain/snow of the North West... Right now WCKA is Holding it down and Hiding from the weather at the Stoenners house. Seth Stoenner that is, Buddy and student of World Class. Before the arrival at Seth's house in Boise we were spending our time In the Beautiful Hood River Gorge. It was a great time and a great place for some quality paddling... The first few days consisted of some fun runs down the Truss. I accumulated another swim and one clean line through BZ. I now stand At 1 for 3 on BZ, 2 swims and 1 clean line. After The truss we headed up to The L Dub for some goods. The first day we kept conservative. We walked Island, Stove Pipe, and spirit. It wasn’t tell day two that I really got at after it. After getting busy Head coach Ben Kinsella and my self followed Brendan wells down island. After coming through island I was feeling great and ready for some more. We paddled down hitin’ all the lines until we reached the gorge. We bombed through Steep walls and blasted over the munchy man eater that is horse shoe. Feeling good, I fired up middle line on stove pipe and came through clean. Follow in Stove Pipe is a mile or so of boogie water and Crux of the run. The time had come. I have been thinking about spirit for around a year now since the b team days of WCKA, when I was just a Weblow kayaker. After some Minor technical difficulties with safety Brendan fired it up followed by my self.

Taken from Ben Kinsella's point and shoot. A little blurry but you get the picture.

I boofed It and cleared the boils. Flying off spirit for my first time really was a spiritual feeling, which I can't really describe. I ended the day with no portaging and my first decent of spirit. It was an amazing day of kayaking and probably one of my best for that matter.

Check out Some WCKA video updates from Risto Beatty.

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