Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free Ridin' The Middle Fork

Located in the thick of the cascades, near Mount Baker,  the Middle Fork is one of the sickest runs in the Bellingham area and runs nearly 10 months a year. This river is treats!!! This is one of my favorite runs of all time. Check out this Video my buddy Fred Norquist made of me shredding the Liquidlogic Freeride on the Middle Fork of the Nooksack.

 Here is another another video, which includes kayaking on the middle fork of the Nooksack.  'Quintessence' is a video by Ben Dann which combines all of the sickest outdoor activities of Bellingham into one video! There is some great BDP and MF footage starting at 8:32.

Lastly, here are a few of my favorite photos that I took of the Middle Fork from the past year.

Marty smith charing down "Bull shit."

Fred looking down into the Gorge.
The Take out bridge.
Here is a GoPro freeze frame of me about take the "leap of faith," A large hole in the first gorge of the run.
Olin Wimberg in true form next to one of the many small drainages that come into the river.
Here is a picture of me running the first rapid below the bridge. Photo by Tait Trautman.
just a little further down stream. Photo by Tait Trautman.
Brendan boofin' some "Bull Shit."
Me throwing on my gear for another MF lap! Photo by Rhys Logan.
Me charging into "Leap of Faith." Photo by Rhys Logan.

It was a very spiritual year on the Middle Fork of the Nooksack. This River Served as training and play Ground for countless laps. I have so many memories of bombing down it with the boys and countless memories safety meetings on and off the river. I love this river and can not wait to get on it again.

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