Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Rich Coast: Costa Rica 2011

In December of 2011 I joined Ben Dann and the Wells family in a 2 week journey to Costa Rica. After finishing all my finals the first week of December I packed all my stuff for the trip and spent 24 straight hours flying and laying over in airports until I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica. Upon arrival I caught a taxi and met Ben and Brendan Wells at a local hostel. The next Morning we meet up with Jim, "The Big Dawg," Wells and his newly rented Mini Van. From there our trip began.

First we hopped on a Bus to Domincal to get some quality surf time and meet up with the World Class Academy.

A Random Drop off spot where we parted from the bus and headed to the beach
Bdann cruising down the beach ready to get some surf bra.
One of the many local shredders takin' a deep carve.
Teague Manley boosting up and over a crashing wave.
Bdann Throwin' BDP on a nice beached log.
Brendan waiting for a big set to come in the middle of rain storm.

A very packed rig in route of San Jose.

After spending several days in Domincal we hitched a ride back to San Jose with WCA.  In San Jose we met up with Big Dawg and dip scraped to Turrialba, A sick town near the base of Volcon Turrialba. In Turrialba. In Turrialba we paddled the Pacuare river, Helped construct "Rancho Sally", scoped wildlife, adventured, and over all chilled very hard. 

Here is a selection of photos that I took During our time in Turrialba...

El Rancho Sally

A google of ants going ape shit on this tree.
A large Bullet ant we found up one of man drainage to the lower Pacuare river.

A trippy looking butterfly on the banks of the upper Pacuare

A Fresh Tica brew. Mmmmmm...

Crazy boomer

Me closely inspecting a fatty grub.

One of the many terrifying creature of Central America.

A sick fire work show over the town.

A steep drainage of the Pacure filled with crazy waterfalls.

Brendan crushing a boof on the Upper Pacuare.

The Origin of Choclate.
Me feeling spiritual in a small water fall near Rancho Sally

Mmm chocolate.

Bdann sending a repel near Rancho Sally

A curious pup.

A deliciously sweet fruit.
Zip lining near Rancho Sally.

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and wild places I have ever been. The rain forests there are like no others that I have ever seen. I am stoked that I was able to Join the Wells family see there amazing home away from home. It was a short trip but I am fired up to return soon and check out some more Costa goods!

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