Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Photo Journalism 305: Ice Breaker Assignment

If money didn't matter, what would your occupation be? 

Ivan Deward said that if money didn't matter, he would dedicate all of his time to art. “First, I would move to Aspen, Colorado and open an art studio,” said Deward. Deward loves art and hopes to make it his full time occupation. 

If given the financial opportunity, Robert Leach said that he would “Build a boat and start a shipping company.” Leach loves the San Juan’s and would enjoy working on the water, said Leach. 

“There needs to be a stronger sense of community among the many groups of our society,” said Mary Lou Stern. Stern said that she would like to create an organization dedicated to bringing young community’s together.  "The focus of the organization would be music, travel, and community service,  Said Stern.

“I would become a full time ski bum,” said Sara Tear. Tear is currently a full time university student and would like to take a break from all her responsibilities and hit the slopes, said tear.

Tim Crowl said that he would like to do “nothing.” Crowl enjoys travel and would like to venture around the world, said Crowl.

Robert Spriggs said that he would like to continue, “ to build homes.” He has been building homes most of his life and enjoys the satisfaction of completing a project.  “If I had the financial support,  I would like to build sustainable homes for the poor,” said Spriggs.

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